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Depuis 2003 – Established 2003

The pottery is opened by appointment year-round and is just 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa, and 20 minutes from downtown Buckingham, QC.  For the best pieces, best prices, discounted seconds and special orders, a visit to the gallery in Mayo is a must.

flat bowls

Winter 2019 at The Pottery

Winter Workshops are ON! And they start soon, so check your calendar and sign up to reserve your spot. Click on the link above for info on all WORKSHOPS.

Poterie LM Serafin Pottery is opened by appointment. Please call 819-281-3307 to arrange a time.  

Spring Tea Party – May 2019. Exact date: TBA

Annual Summer Sale date: June 22 and 23, 2019

Currently this website is not set up for commerce.  You can still purchase Lisa-Marie’s work in three ways:
Way #1
Shop in person at the gallery in Mayo – The gallery is located a mere 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa, and just 20 minutes from Buckingham.  The drive is gorgeous any time of year, and all of the roads are always well maintained in the winter months.
At the gallery you get to see, touch, hold, caress, ogle, fondle, stroke and gaze upon the work. Everyone buys pottery for different reasons and sometimes the physical experience is the best way to tell if that piece is “THE” piece.  That said, we have had no complaints at all from those who have purchased on line via email conversation with the artist.
Way #2
Email conversation with the artist – 
Drop Lisa-Marie a line at and make an inquiry about what is still for sale. She will send photos and dimensions if needed. You can ask questions and get answers and we make sure the purchase is just right for you. We accept payment by eTransfer or PayPal.
Know what you want
– bowl? Mug? Teapot?
Buyer pays shipping. Shipping isn’t cheap. The pottery is moderately priced. We know how to pack it right. We’ve never had a piece arrive at its destination broken. All packages are insured for loss.
All packages are shipped Canada Post. Canada Post are still in labour negotiations and the deliveries are taking longer than usual.
FAQ (actually, just the answers)
All of the pots made at LM Serafin Pottery are food safe. No lead has been used in the glazes.
The clay used is stoneware and fired to a high (2300 F) temperature. Stoneware is durable, but still needs care.
All of LM Serafin pottery should be hand-washed.
It can be used in the microwave.
You can put it in a warming oven.
The pottery is not cookware.
Way #3 – Wait until LM Serafin Pottery shows up at a artisan or craft sale near you.  Well, those sales are few and far between, and that’s no fun!  Way #1 is the way to go.

The Pottery is opened by appointment year round. You must call before coming. The only exceptions are during the annual summer and fall sales.  Please call 819-281-3307 to make an appointment.

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Special Events
If you’re a pottery nerd, the term “kiln opening” may evoke images associated with the opening of a large wood or gas fired kiln.  Well, what about potters that use a small electric kiln?  I open my kiln every time I fire it, so technically, my kiln openings are legit!  I fire electric only (it’s the greenest choice) and my kiln is pretty darned small – 7 cubic feet. I just want to warn you well in advance because my kiln openings are small affairs, yet unique, and it can be exciting to witness the unloading of warm pottery and most importantly, be among the first to view and purchase pieces that come from that kiln.

Kiln openings will be announced a day ahead of the unloading of a new kiln load of pottery.  If you subscribe to our mailing list (just above) you will get notification of kiln openings, sales and workshops at Poterie LM Serafin Pottery.

Not too many folks know about the long process of making pottery by hand. At the kiln openings you can ask questions such as “How long does it take to fire the kiln?” Of course the answer is, “It depends!”